Teeth Whitening Services in Port St. Lucie, FL

If you want a brilliantly white smile, Dr. Aaron Schamback offers professional teeth whitening treatment to give you stunning results that will last.

Why Get Teeth Whitening from Dr. Schamback?

You may have tried whitening strips or whitening toothpaste to brighten your smile. If whitening strips help at all, the results are limited because they are only ¼ to ½ the strength of the whitening gel you can receive from Dr. Schamback. Whitening toothpaste doesn’t stay on your teeth long enough to make a big difference. It may only remove surface stains on your teeth, if it helps at all. Teeth bleaching treatment from Dr. Schamback will penetrate your teeth and break up stains to make your smile its whitest.

Bleaching your teeth is not always the best way to make them white. Depending on the cause of the stains in your teeth, bleaching them can make the stains more noticeable. Dr. Schamback will examine your teeth and determine if this treatment is right for you, or if you will get better results with a different treatment. He can also anticipate any sensitivity you might feel in your teeth from the bleaching gel and ensure that you will be comfortable throughout the treatment.

The Teeth Whitening Process

Photo of teeth whitening trays being placed on teeth from Port St. Lucie dentist Dr. Aaron Schamback.

Dr. Schamback will take impressions of your teeth, from which customized bleaching trays will be made. You will receive the trays, along with syringes of professional-strength gel. You will squeeze a small amount of bleaching gel into the trays, place the trays on your teeth, and wear them for the amount of time specified by Dr. Schamback.

As the days pass, you will notice your teeth becoming progressively whiter. In two weeks, your smile will be brilliantly white. If you want your teeth even brighter, you can continue wearing the gel-filled trays for the length of time directed by Dr. Schamback. You will keep the trays and gel for periodic touch-ups to help you maintain your bright smile.

Find Out If Teeth Whitening Is Right for You

If you would like to have a dazzling white smile, schedule a complimentary consultation to find out if this treatment is right for your case. Call us or request an appointment online. (D9310)