Beautiful Smile Promise

When you receive a smile makeover from Dr. Aaron Schamback, he promises that it will be beautiful — and that you will love it. How does he do it?

Throughout the entire process of transforming your smile, Dr. Schamback listens closely and creates the smile design you want. He will show you pictures of smile designs he has created to help you decide on the shape and color of your teeth. He will ensure he understands what you want to convey when you smile: boldness, warmth, or perhaps a sexy smile is what you desire.

Based on your input, Dr. Schamback will create a personalized smile design for you. A model of your new smile will be made for you to examine closely. You will be able to try it to see how it looks.

If at any point you’re hesitant about it, it will be re-done until you love it, and only then will it be permanently placed. In Dr. Schamback’s own words, if you say, “I guess it’s okay,” that’s not good enough for him. And he feels it is not good enough for you, either.

Dr. Schamback’s extensive training in cosmetic dentistry, along with his artistic approach, will give the smile you’ve always wanted. Before the smile makeover is permanently placed, we will ensure you are thrilled with it. That’s our beautiful smile promise.

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