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Friendly and Informative Staff
“Good experience so far!” — Natasha

Always Warm and Friendly
“The staff is always warm and friendly. You take the fear out of going to the dentist and make it a quality experience.” — Lara

Friendly and Encouraging
“Dr. Schamback and his staff are wonderful! They are friendly and encouraging, and make coming to the dentist a pleasant experience. I can’t thank them enough for helping me overcome my fears.” — Angela

Always a Great Experience
“Always a great experience....” — William

Changed My Thoughts on Going to the Dentist!
“I must say, out of many dental offices I have been to, this is the one that I am happy to have found because it fits me. I was always not the type to like to go and have my teeth looked at. I would always turn the other direction because I have had bad experiences. This office has changed my thoughts on going to the dentist!! All the girls are so nice and even the dentists are great. I would recommend this office!” — Juliann

Pleasant and Professional
“Service was pleasant and professional.” — Mark

Top-Quality Team
“My first visit to Great Smiles was great. Very professional team who made me feel welcome and very comfortable. Ashley is an outstanding hygienist, and Lauren assisted Dr. Schamback with ease as he proceeded to put a temporary crown on my back tooth. All in all, I am very pleased with this top-quality team and highly recommend to others.” — Jan

Very Efficient
“Had my teeth cleaned by Brenda, who was very efficient and took care to examine and advise me on what I needed for my teeth without any pressure.” — John

I Felt Very Comfortable
“Very kind and courteous staff. I felt very comfortable with everyone!” — Alvin

Surprisingly Enjoyable Experience
“I have had some terrible experiences going to the dentist in the past and dreaded showing up for my appointments, but not any longer. I have had a few procedures done now at Great Smile Dental (crown, fillings, and wisdom teeth) and each of them was a surprisingly enjoyable experience. I had minimal pain and the staff was great. I would recommend anyone to Great Smile Dental.” — Shane

They Made Me Feel Comfortable
“My visit to Great Smile was amazing. They made me feel comfortable and it made me not nervous.” — Nicole

I Like the Staff
“I like the staff. The ladies that work in the office are just great.” — Luis

No Second Thoughts / Doubts about Future Visits
“Great Smile Dental offers efficient and credible services. My first experience with the staff was unforgettable and a very pleasant one. I have no second thoughts/doubts about future visits or the excellent service I will receive. Thanks to the doctors and the rest of Great Smile Dental’s wonderful staff for my great smile.” — Dian

Quick and Painless
“I had a great experience with them! They were friendly and treated me with respect. Dr. Schamback made me feel comfortable during my procedure and it was quick and painless.” — Ashley

I Felt Welcomed
“My experience was great! I normally don’t like the dentist, but I felt welcomed there. Everyone is friendly and sweet!” — Nicole

Every Visit Has Been Great
“Every visit I have had so far has been a great and comfortable one.” — Angelique

Friendly and Knowledgeable Staff
“Friendly and knowledgeable staff with the best dental hygienists! Hygienists Ashley and Vicky really make a person feel special and are professional and efficient.” — Ginger

We Are Long-Term Patients
“My wife and I are long-term patients. Very happy with the care and service we receive.” — John

State-Of- the-Art Facility that Focuses on Comfort
“I have had a very bad experience with dentists in the past, but Great Smile Dental has proven to be a state-of-the-art facility that focuses on making sure their customers are comfortable.” — Jacqueline

Phenomenal Experience
“I’m writing this review to let everyone know what a great dental office Great Smile is — from the moment you receive your appointment phone call, to the moment you receive your follow-up phone call, to everything in between. They run a professional establishment. The staff is super friendly along with all the friendly hygienists. Let’s not forget all the great dentists the office has. Let’s just say the experience has by far been phenomenal. Thanks to Great Smile Dental, now my dental experience is awesome.” — Jenny

“Katarina did a superb job cleaning my teeth. She removed all the stains on my front teeth and was very sensitive to my needs during the process. One of the best cleanings I’ve ever had!” — Deb

Staff Is One of a Kind
“Best thing about this place is the staff! Staff is one of a kind. All the girls truly make you feel comfy!” — Jaylen

Expeditious and Focused
“I found the entire staff to be expeditious and focused on their work at hand to diagnose, treat, and prescribe any and all dental needs at the present time or for the near future. I have referred friends already. I will keep smiling in the Great Smile Dental direction.” — Karen

Comfortable Every Visit
“I had a tooth pulled recently and I wasn’t sure the space was healing correctly. I went in to see the dentist and he let me know everything was all right. Every time I go into the office, I feel so relaxed and I am always taken care of. They make me feel good at every visit and comfortable.” — Angelique

Very Professional and Clean
“I have been a client for many years and always had the best service. Personnel are very courteous and helpful to meet all your needs. Very professional and clean facilities.” — Lee

Friendly and Upbeat
“The receptionists at Great Smile Dental are very friendly and upbeat. I believe they set the environment for the office.” — Crystal

Love Dr. Schamback
“Love Dr. Schamback and his office personnel ... very professional and very friendly!” — Joann

Caring Staff
“My experience at Great Smile is always terrific. They have a caring staff and customer service is always outstanding!” — Lisa

I Rate Them an 11 Instead Of a 10
“I am very pleased with Great Smile Dental and the girls and doctors. The girls are very outgoing and they are always calling you to check up on how you are doing and keep you up to date on your next appointment. The doctors are super as well as the dental hygienists. They never proceed with any work unless you are totally comfortable, and they make you feel right at home, never rushing the procedures. They take the time to walk and talk you through everything they are going to do. I rate them an 11 instead of a 10.” — Mary

My Entire Dental Visit Was Pleasant
“All staff members are excellent. Explanations are clear and easy to understand. It is wonderful to have a professional willing to work according to personal needs and offer different options. Thank you. Ashley was very informative, gentle, and personable.” — Yvonne

I Trust Them Completely
“I was at the dentist with Dr. Justin Schwartz. He is very gentle and his work is awesome. He takes the time to explain every detail of what he is going to do, and before you even know it’s happening, it’s already done. He really is amazing. Also, Great Smile Dental is very courteous with everyone that comes through the doors, and the girls are fabulous. Not that I enjoy going to the dentist, but since I do, I really love this place and trust them completely. Keep up the good work, everyone.” — Mary

Always Terrific
“My experience at Great Smile is always terrific. They have a caring staff and customer service is always outstanding!” — Lisa

No Longer Frightened to Visit the Dentist
“I have always been frightened to visit the dentist, but not anymore! Dr. Schamback and his staff are wonderful. They take the time to explain every step of the procedure and make me feel comfortable every time I visit the office. I highly recommend Great Smile Dental!” — Angela

Fast, Professional, and Great Experience
“I had an impacted wisdom tooth taken out last Friday and it was a fast, professional, and great experience. I had a goody bag to bring home with everything I needed to start the healing process. I had my prescriptions filled two days prior to the procedure, which was so great instead of filling them after the procedure when all you want to do is go home. I can’t say enough about what a good experience this was. I will be back for future appointments. Professional office staff and great dentist.” — Diane

“I had a lovely and professional visit at your office yesterday. Your staff is AA+. I certainly will recommend your dental services to clients and friends.” — Marlene

Great Service and Helpful People
“They worked with me to find a solution to an unexpected insurance issue. Everyone was very nice.” — Felicia

Very Attentive and Polite
“I must say I didn’t have to wait more than ten minutes in the waiting room. That’s always a plus. Nurses and dentist were very attentive and polite. This was just a checkup after a procedure but everything painless.” — Ethel

You Feel Comfortable Being There
“Excellent service, fast, friendly, and helpful. You feel comfortable being there.” — Dale

No Pain
“The staff at Great Smile was very pleasant and helpful. I had a tooth extracted and had no pain. The service was done quickly. I would recommend them to people, and they give you lots of free stuff!” — Melinda

More Comfortable Than With Any Other Dentist
“I was really scared to visit any dentist, but Dr. Schamback and his staff made me feel more comfortable than with any other dentist.” — Debbie

Artists at What They Do
“Thank your entire team for being so together and artists at what they do. I am still amazed at what you all pulled off on my behalf in such short order!” — Paul

Kind and Considerate
“Everyone I met at your office was kind and considerate; efficient and professional. I felt welcomed and know I can trust my mouth to expert care. Thank you!” — Andrew

Everyone Makes You Feel Appreciated
“Every time I have my teeth cleaned by Carla, it just makes the experience better, since who really likes getting their teeth cleaned? Everyone there makes you feel appreciated as a customer.” — Trish

Unbelievable Service and Caring Staff
“Unbelievable service and caring staff. I’m very happy I started going to Great Smile.” — Craig

Tears and All, They Made Me Laugh
“I had never been to this office before and on Saturday of all days, my tooth was killing me! I was in tears calling dentists, and I stumbled across this office. They were awesome. They got me right in, and they were very nice. Tears and all, they made me laugh and took great care of me!!! Thanks again!” — Carrie

Positive, Pleasant, and Professional
“As always, my visits to Great Smile Dental are positive, pleasant, and professional. The ‘Three P’s’ I call it. I recommend GSD to everyone looking for a dentist or anyone unhappy with the one they have. The staff is the best and their work is excellent.” — Linda

Fell Asleep During Root Canal
“Awesome staff. Fell asleep during root canal. Dr. Schamback is that good!” — Stacy

Very Happy With My Experience
“Very happy with my experience, from the front desk to the doctors, everyone is very service oriented. They use the latest technical equipment, but most of all, I felt like I could communicate my needs to the doctor and staff, and felt like they really listened. Great place!” — Lisa

Kind and Efficient
“I have been a patient of Dr. Schamback’s since 2007. He and his staff have been wonderful. They are very kind and efficient. I never have to wait. I had veneers done in 2007 and love them!” — Arlene

I Love My Invisalign®!
“I love my Invisalign! I would recommend it to anyone. It has really highlighted and enhanced my smile.” — Brandon

They Made Me Feel So Comfortable
“Dr. Schamback, Dr. Schwartz, and the staff are great! I was always afraid of going to the dentist, but they made me feel so comfortable and turned it into a pleasant experience. I recommend them to everyone!” — Susan

A Wonderful Experience
“I had a wonderful experience. I loved the office, and all the staff was so friendly.” — Christine

I Love My New Smile
“I love my new smile. I had veneers done and could not be happier with the work. Dr. Schamback is an excellent dentist with an eye for perfection.” — Brian

I Would Recommend Great Smile Dental to Anyone
“I would recommend Great Smile Dental to anyone. The doctors and staff are great. I never have to wait and everything is always explained to me.” — Alex

I’m Not Embarrassed to Smile Anymore
“I had dental implants done and now I love my smile! I’m able to eat anything I want and I’m not embarrassed to smile anymore. The staff was great and Dr. Schwartz did a great job. My husband and I love the office.” — Marlene

Professional and Caring
“I just want to express my appreciation for performing such a professional and caring service. Thank you all!” — Kathy

Thanks for Your Hard Work
“I want to thank your team for your hard work. I never thought I would see teeth that looked so good on me.” — Ann

Dr. Schamback Calmed My Fears
“I was always terrified of the dentist until I went to Dr. Schamback for IV sedation. It made going to the dentist such an easy experience, and he calmed my fears. I want to thank you for the extra care you gave me!” — Dave

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